UCLA Health Careers

At UCLA Health, you can turn your career expectations into great accomplishments. When you join our team, you’ll work at innovative facilities alongside world-class colleagues in one of America’s premier cities. If you’re committed to excellence, passionate about delivering leading-edge care, and ready to grow and be challenged, you can transform your career journey at UCLA Health.

Nursing Careers

Our greatness is defined by the quality of the care we give our patients. At UCLA Health, you can be part of a nursing staff that offers acts of kindness and leading-edge care by focusing on evidence-based practices and critical thinking. Discover opportunities in a full range of nursing specialty areas here, as well as fulfilling jobs for new nursing grads.

Nurses prepping for operation.
Medical technologist working at a comptuer.

Allied Health Careers

You can find an unparalleled range of career opportunities at UCLA Health, where the challenges are big, and the rewards are bigger. In our culture of continuous learning and high patient acuity, you’ll expand your capacity to care for patients with atypical and severe challenges. You’ll build your professional reputation and expand your skills by shining in the most clinically challenging situations.

Information Technology Careers

Bring your Information Technology acumen to UCLA Health, and join a team of professionals committed to providing innovative health care and groundbreaking research. Here, you’ll ensure that our medical professionals can leverage the latest breakthroughs in technology, and you’ll play a vital role in protecting our global community and advancing healthcare.

Information technologists working in a server room.
Member of the research team watching a procedure.

Research Careers

You know the cure is out there. At UCLA Health, you can use your research skills to help unlock the mysteries behind hundreds of medical disorders affecting nearly every aspect of human health. Join our groundbreaking team as we work to establish and improve protocols for dozens of procedures across the globe.

Non-Clinical Careers

You can play a vital role in improving community health in any one of the extraordinary range of non-clinical roles available at UCLA Health. From Human Resources and Accounting to Data Entry and Medical Records, you’ll support our health care teams and patients—and play a key role in delivering leading-edge care.

Smiling food service employees in cafeteria kitchen.