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Charles, Materials Management

UCLA Health Careers

Charles, Materials Management

Charles joined UCLA Health in an entry-level File Clerk role. Today, as Operations Manager in Materials Management, he manages a department of 30 people and shares a commitment to improving patient care.

Additional Employee Stories:

  • Carl, Rehab Department

    Carl, Rehab Department

    UCLA Health provided Carl with his first experience in a medical setting. As a member of the Lift Team, he provides muscle and support to nurses at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, one of the top hospitals in the nation.

  • Berta Lageose, Nurse Practitioner, PICU

    Berta Lageose, Nurse Practitioner, PICU

    Berta has been with UCLA for over 27 years, beginning as an undergrad. During her junior year, she was hired by UCLA Health as a Senior Nursing Aide, and after graduation, she started in Pediatrics. Now she's a Nurse Practitioner in the PICU. In Berta's words, "The reason I went to grad school was for this job."

  • Anna, Sr. Patient Liaison

    Anna, Sr. Patient Liaison

    As a Sr. Patient Liaison in the Office of Patient Experience, Anna has the opportunity to use her communication skills to help patients and their families have a better understanding of the care they're receiving at UCLA Health.

  • Shannon, Chief Operating Officer

    Shannon, Chief Operating Officer

    Shannon O'Kelley is Chief Operating Officer for UCLA Health. When he joined UCLA, he immediately felt a connection to the organization. As Shannon points out, there's not another organization that has a vision statement that says we must "deliver acts of kindness every day."

  • Wendy, Clinical Care Partner

    Wendy, Clinical Care Partner

    Wendy loves to help people, and she gets to do that every day as Administrative and Clinical Care Partner at UCLA Health. Working in Oncology, she greets patients, listens to their concerns and lets them know that "we're there for them."

  • Kim, RN - Orthopedics Unit

    Kim, RN - Orthopedics Unit

    Kimberly is Unit Director for a surgical inpatient unit at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. Working at UCLA has afforded Kim the opportunity to be involved directly with patient care and support staff nurses at the bedside.

  • Deidre, IT Adoption & Engagement

    Deidre, IT Adoption & Engagement

    Deidre started her journey as a Physical Therapist, but soon found another way to help people with her passion for technology. Today she is a Director in the Information Services and Solutions department of UCLA Health.

  • Bethany, Clinical Laboratory

    Bethany, Clinical Laboratory

    A Clinical Laboratory Scientist Supervisor, Bethany works in the Blood Bank Lab at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She welcomed the opportunity to return to UCLA, which is her undergraduate alma mater.

  • Emerita, Housekeeping

    Emerita, Housekeeping

    Before joining UCLA Health, Emerita worked outside of health care in customer service positions. In her Housekeeping role, the work she does impacts patient care and satisfaction. In her words, "Patients will always remember the way they were treated."

  • Meggie, Neurological Rehab

    Meggie, Neurological Rehab

    As an Occupational Therapist in the Neurological Rehab Unit at UCLA Health, Meggie helps patients get back to their everyday tasks. Teamwork is essential to success in her field, and it's one of the reasons she's happy to be at UCLA Health.

  • Karen, MRI Tech/Radiology

    Karen, MRI Tech/Radiology

    Karen started as an Intern with UCLA Health and is now working as an MRI Technologist at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. In her role, she uses CICARE to make patients feel comfortable and have the best experience possible.

  • Chris, Emergency Medical Tech

    Chris, Emergency Medical Tech

    When he was 16, Chris began his journey as a Fire Explorer. As soon as he had the chance to take the EMT test, he went for it. Now he's happy to be working in UCLA's Critical Care Transport Department as an Emergency Medical Tech

  • Paul, Chief Administrative Officer

    Paul, Chief Administrative Officer

    Paul Watkins is Chief Administrative Officer for UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica. He points out that the new Santa Monica facility was designed with the patient in mind, so that all of the services flow around the patient. For Paul, being at UCLA has been "a phenomenal experience."

  • Maria, Surgical Technician

    Maria, Surgical Technician

    Maria joined UCLA Health as a student in the Clinical Externship Program. Before the three months was over, she was offered a full-time position. She is now a Surgical Tech in the Surgery Center at UCLA Medical Center, Santa Monica.

  • Jerome, Performance Excellence

    Jerome, Performance Excellence

    Jerome began his journey with UCLA Health more than 22 years ago as a work-study student. He worked his way up to become a Manager in Hospital Transportation Department. Today he holds dual roles in the Transportation and Performance Excellence Departments.

  • Louise, Management Service Officer

    Louise, Management Service Officer

    When Louise was a surgery patient at UCLA, she fell in love with the organization. She started working as a Billing Clerk in 1986 and her journey continued. Now she's as a Management Service Officer with the Faculty Practice Group in Santa Monica.

  • Grace, RN - Med/Geriatric Psychiatry

    Grace, RN - Med/Geriatric Psychiatry

    As a nursing student at Mount St. Mary's College in LA, Grace was able to see the construction of one of the nation's top hospitals: Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center. She knew she wanted to be a UCLA Nurse, and that's what she is today, working in Med/Geriatric Psychiatry.

  • Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 1

    Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 1

    Randi Wiggins (2010), Jeff Butler (2008), Jenny Jun (2010) and Samantha Cao (2009) share their experiences in the Administrative Fellowship and Internships Programs at UCLA Health.

  • Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 2

    Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 2

    Michael Burke (2012) and Lily Roh (2013) talk about their experiences in the UCLA Health Administrative Fellowship Program. This 12-month program provides young leaders with hospital management and administrative training in all aspects of an academic medical center.

  • Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 3

    Administrative Fellowship Program – Group 3

    Eric Harasimowitz (2013) and Frances Watts (2012) talk about their experiences in the UCLA Health Administrative Fellowship Program. This 12-month program provides qualified young leaders with hospital management and administrative training in all aspects of an academic medical center.

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At UCLA Health, we achieve excellence in patient care consistently by following the steps outlined in CICARE.

CICARE is an acronym that describes specific behaviors that are guaranteed to result in excellent communication with patients, families and colleagues.

Every UCLA Health employee, physician and volunteer holds themselves and their colleagues accountable for practicing these six steps with everyone on every encounter.

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Connect with the patient and their family members by addressing them as Mr./Ms., or by the name they prefer.

Introduce yourself and your role.

Communicate what you are going to do, how long it is going to take, and how it will impact the patient.

Ask permission before examining the patient and anticipate patient and/or family needs, questions or concerns.

Respond to patient and/or family questions and requests with immediacy.

Exit courteously and/or with an explanation of what will come next (or when you will be back to check on them).