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Lean Specialist - Performance Excellence

Job Duties

SUMMARY STATEMENT: The Performance Excellence Specialist provides operations and clinical improvement support to UCLA Health System by functioning, as necessary, as a project manager, facilitator, consultant, and analyst. The Specialist facilitates the assessment of problems, the compilation and analysis of data, the development of improvement teams, the design and collections of metrics, and the facilitation of improvement efforts. The Specialist using Lean, Value-Based Care Redesign, and other appropriate improvement approaches to not only support performance improvement, but to implement the active daily management approach to sustain performance.

The Specialist supports continued execution and development of the "UCLA Operating System," which focuses on goal setting, alignment with People strategies, Dashboards, Lean / Performance Improvement activities, and Active Daily Management-including development of standard work, daily critical-to-quality metrics, visual management, rounding schedules, and huddle approaches.

The Specialist supports continued execution and development of UCLA ValU initiative, which focuses on improving clinical outcomes, the patient experience, and reducing cost to support our quality, capacity, and growth objectives.

The Specialist reports to the Executive Director for Performance Excellence. The specialist is able to independently conduct analysis and facilitate projects, with minimal supervision. The specialist must have a service orientation, as they will be working with a wide array of constituents.
Management of People

· Addresses people improvement initiatives, including employee opinion survey follow up, employee recognition efforts, training initiatives, and CICARE oversight.

Creates a working environment that promotes positive employee attitudes, effective communications, trust, collaboration, creativity and optimal productivity.

Establishes rapport and maintains contact with colleagues in the profession to foster and maintain a continuing flow of information on the latest techniques and practices which result in optimum patient care.

Develops performance management approaches for the hospital system that link People initiatives and training, with process improvement, standard work, and active daily management.
Quality / Safety/ Service and Performance Improvement

UCLA C-I-CARE/Patient Experience Practices: MY COMMITMENT TO CARE
Observe and practice all the Service Standards listed in the "World Class Practices" (which I have read and signed).
o Practice C-I-CARE when interacting with patients, their families, visitors, or internal customers.
o Connect with the patient and family members by addressing them as Mr./Ms., or by the name that they prefer.
o Introduce yourself and your role.
o Communicate what you are going to do, how long it is going to take, and how it will impact the patient.
o Ask and anticipate patient and/or family needs, questions or concerns.
o Respond to patient and/or family questions and requests with immediacy.
o Exit courteously and/or with an explanation of what will come next (or when you will be back to check on them).
o Practice C-I-CARE phone etiquette during all phone interactions
Always exercise courtesy whenever patients, family members, visitors and co-workers are present.
Respect privacy and dignity of our patients, family members, visitors and co-workers.
Maintain professionalism in the presence of patients, their families, visitors and co-workers
Observe departmental Patient Experience plan, competencies and practices.
Act as a role model, verbally and behaviorally demonstrating skill, enthusiasm, positive problem solving, commitment and loyalty to the profession and the organization.
Participate in positive problem solving by providing suggestions and possible solutions to identified concerns/problems in the work place.

Comply with Health System Workplace Conduct Policy
Engaging in disruptive behaviors that interfere with or prevent normal work functions or compromise patient safety, including passive or active behaviors will not be tolerated as stated in the HS Workplace Conduct Policy.

Comply with Health System Dress Code Policy and practices

· Comply with HIPAA and Confidentiality Policies and Procedures as they apply to the job
Comply with Department of Public Health (DPH), The Joint Commission and other accreditation and regulatory agencies standards
Adhere to all Hospital Policies and Procedures
· Knowledge and adherence to Infection Control and Environment of Care Guidelines and Procedures as described in the annual education module.

Demonstrate excellence in communication with the customer.

· Responsible for facilitating organizational improvements in the categories of: people, quality/safety, service, operations, strategic development, and financial performance.

· Leads multidisciplinary teams in performance improvement activities to develop value-based clinical pathways

· Leads staff members as they facilitate performance improvement activities.

· Oversees operations of and continued development of the UCLA Dashboard.

· Directs training of organization in Lean / Performance Improvement.

· Along with medical, nursing, and administrative colleagues, develops and implements plans and goals to improve the overall operation of programs and to assure value-based high quality, efficient, cost-effective, coordinated services responsive to the needs of the medical staff, nursing and other clinical staff, patients and their families, other departments within both the Westwood and Santa Monica campuses, hospital administration and, where appropriate, outside agencies.

· Conducts ongoing monitoring of activities to ensure timely achievement of stated plans and goals.

· Develops action plans for change in areas where planned goals are not being achieved.Analyzes internal and external quality/cost data sets to support value-based care redesign

Operations Management
Facilitates tracking of organizational performance using the UCLA Dashboard. Expands on-line Dashboard development.

Fosters a well-functioning, efficient customer service-oriented organization. Promotes and advances and CICARE program.

Facilitates the improvement of operations and performance management by leading performance improvement projects / Rapid Improvement Events
Serves as a coach for the entire organization.

Facilitates development and expansion of Active Daily Management approaches across departments, including use of visual controls, daily critical-to-quality metrics, huddles, and rounds.

Promotes and utilizes research and industry best practice findings for evaluation and improvement of the organization.

Strategic and Organizational Planning

· Works with leadership to coordinate annual Systems Operations Plan and strategy/policy deployment across the organization.

· Helps Coordinates compilation of annual performance goals across the system.

· Informs and confers with the various advisory bodies to gain input on the external environment, strategies and tactics under development, and the accomplishment of key objectives.

· Engages staff in approaches and methods of process improvement, including planning, setting priorities, conducting systematic performance assessments, implementing improvements based on such assessments, and maintaining achieved improvements.

Budgetary Control/Financial Planning

· Establishes control and evaluation systems as required for department and unit heads/program directors to maintain the budget as approved.

Serves to support financial improvement objectives of the organization

Job Qualifications

The incumbent must possess unique combination of skills and abilities to successfully manage a complex set of responsibilities in a high profile operation, including:

1. Five to seven years of increasingly responsible experience in hospital management or hospital consulting with a proven track record in clinical operations, clinical program development, planning, and process improvement.

2. Comprehensive and thorough understanding of all elements of health care delivery, including strategy, business planning, operations and financial conditions.

3. Understanding of patient and community needs, as well as scope and level of care required by patients served.

4. Expertise in aspects of patient care delivery, accreditation standards and knowledge of other assigned functions, as well as development and management of operational and capital budgets.

5. Full understanding of, and ability to effectively respond to, elements that drive competitive advantage under dynamic conditions, such as health care industry changes, competitor actions, legal/regulatory changes and technological trends.

6. Ability to accomplish results and effectively integrate functions with business plans. Consistently demonstrates and encourages a commitment to quality, customer-centeredness, productivity and continuous improvement.

7. Demonstrates a leadership style that builds and maintains a climate of trust and inspires commitment from others to achieve organization goals.

8. Ability to build, attract and develop a superior management team by demonstrating and setting high standards of behavior, performance, quality, credibility and integrity. Raises performance to levels that would not otherwise be achieved.

9. Consistently interacts with all members of the organization in ways that enhance understanding, respect, cooperation and problem-solving.

10. Recognizes the need for change; adapts to, and causes others to adapt to values, strategies, goals and plans in response to changing business conditions.

11. Generates and encourages creative ideas, innovative thinking and imaginative solutions to issues or problems. Is able and willing to solve problems from various points of view and make difficult decisions.
Master's in related field. Previous experience in a value stream analysis preferred.

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Summary Information

  • Job Title: Lean Specialist - Performance Excellence
  • UCLA Title: Specialist
  • Job Num.: H72699
  • Work Hours: M-F
  • Work Location:
  • Job Type: Career
  • Duration: Indefinite
  • Minimum Salary: $35.01/$6092
  • Maximum Salary: $67.05/$11,666
  • Layoff Referral Deadline: 09/04/2014
  • Bargaining Unit: 99

Please be advised that ALL new hires will be required to successfully complete a criminal background investigation and a medical examination, which includes a drug screening, prior to employment at UCLA Health. The receipt of satisfactory responses to reference requests, and the provision of satisfactory proof of an applicant's identity and legal authority to work in the United States are also required. Any misrepresentation, falsification or material omission may result in a candidate's failure to receive an offer, or if already hired, an immediate dismissal from employment.

In an effort to promote and maintain a healthy environment for our patients, visitors, and employees, UCLA Health is a smoke-free site.

At UCLA Health, we achieve excellence in patient care consistently by following the steps outlined in CICARE.

CICARE is an acronym that describes specific behaviors that are guaranteed to result in excellent communication with patients, families and colleagues.

Every UCLA Health employee, physician and volunteer holds themselves and their colleagues accountable for practicing these six steps with everyone on every encounter.


Please confirm that you
agree with CICARE

Connect with the patient and their family members by addressing them as Mr./Ms., or by the name they prefer.

Introduce yourself and your role.

Communicate what you are going to do, how long it is going to take, and how it will impact the patient.

Ask permission before examining the patient and anticipate patient and/or family needs, questions or concerns.

Respond to patient and/or family questions and requests with immediacy.

Exit courteously and/or with an explanation of what will come next (or when you will be back to check on them).