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Programmer/Analyst I

Job Duties

Under the supervision of the Lead Programmer, CRM and CAO, the Programmer Analyst I will provide web-based application development and computing support to the Department of Neurology and affiliated entities. Duties include hands on development of web-based systems/programs. Ensure the compatibility of systems with Mac, Windows, and UNIX platforms and associated hardware, peripherals, and software. Provide the instruction and proper use of applications. Maintain, transfer, and archiving of data. Research and recommend hardware, software applications, and related acquisitions.
A. Assist on designing and maintaining departmental and affiliated entities databases and web-based and non web-based applications:
Analyze and document information systems needed.
Design and implement application architecture.
Documentation of source code, and maintain an independent and secure back-up of all source data produced.
Fully test and debug all source code as it is developed in order to deliver reliable infrastructure suitable for supporting and enabling projects.
Work with the administration, faculty, and staff to evaluate new and ongoing needs.
Enhance system functionality as required to meet new system requirements.
Develop web application systems for database management.
Development of design interface(s) to allow information in databases to be served via the World Wide Web for our intranet as well as the internet.
Specify access protocols and incorporate security measures into database software sufficient to assure confidentiality of patients, research subjects, faculty and personnel.
Established software development techniques. This includes producing a structured design, specifying functions and data, developing a test and verification package, and documenting the database design
A. Provide and maintain application development procedures:1. Define software analysis and design procedures. This will include software requirement templates, coding standards, documentation standards, and plans and procedures for testing and debugging software. These should conform to existing industry practices and procedures as appropriate.2. Ensure that all developed software and systems include interfaces that are based upon open standards where required.3. Help create and maintain technical support and system administrator documentation as required.4. Help create and maintain a version control procedure for software backups and source code control. Provide training on applications, related software and new software tools to end users

Job Qualifications

Demonstrated experience in web/software engineering, including: design, development, testing, verification, and debugging
Strong experience in the following programming and scripting languages: JAVA, C#, .NET MVC 2+, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript especially jQuery, XML, CSS 2 and 3, HTML5
Solid hands-on experience in ASP.NET in C# to develop, test and debug web-based programs integrated with databases and other networked resources;
Experience in JSP, JavaBeans, Struts2, Hibernate and Crystal Report
Experience in ASP.NET in VB, traditional ASP, PHP, CGI, Perl, Python, Ruby, Objective C or equivalent methods
Strong knowledge of network security issues for web-based applications
Strong foundation in Apache and IIS web servers
Solid Experience in Database Design, Data Modeling, Performance Tuning, Maintaining Data Integrity
Detailed Knowledge of Database Transaction Management and Database Administration
Proficiency in Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL T-SQL for programming stored procedures and triggers
Experience in Maintaining Database Data and Import/Export Data from/to Other Network Resources
User level knowledge of Mac OS X, Unix/Linux and MS Windows operating systems
Working knowledge of industry standards for computer hardware and software as well as emerging standards
Ability to interact with users with little or no computer expertise,
Ability to clarify user needs and implement solutions
Ability to develop and maintain accurate notes and records of all action taken, and to develop and maintain accurate and precise documentation
Ability to perform effectively under conditions of fluctuating workload and diverse goals
Ability to set and adjust priorities, provide realistic assessments of when projects will be completed and what resources will be needed
Ability to define and analyze complex technical problems using logical and quantitative reasoning and to solve problems independently
Ability to communicate effectively in written and verbal English

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Summary Information

  • Job Title: Programmer/Analyst I
  • UCLA Title: Programmer/Analyst I
  • Job Num.: H68685
  • Work Hours: Mon-Friday
  • Work Location: Neurology
  • Job Type: Career
  • Duration: Indefinite
  • Minimum Salary: $19.36 / $3368
  • Maximum Salary: $30.68 / $5339
  • Layoff Referral Deadline: 09/30/2013
  • Bargaining Unit: 99

Please be advised that ALL new hires will be required to successfully complete a criminal background investigation and a medical examination, which includes a drug screening, prior to employment at UCLA Health. The receipt of satisfactory responses to reference requests, and the provision of satisfactory proof of an applicant's identity and legal authority to work in the United States are also required. Any misrepresentation, falsification or material omission may result in a candidate's failure to receive an offer, or if already hired, an immediate dismissal from employment.

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